The Art of Networking

Networking is crucial to finding a job or internship. Since a majority of communication openings are never posted, you will need contacts within companies in order to land a position.

COM Networking Resources

  • COM Alumni Networking Group (COM Connection on LinkedIn)
  • Seminars and events – c We will be hosting networking seminars, which will outline networking practices, and networking events, which will give you a chance to meet and network with alumni. Check our Calendar for upcoming seminars and events.

Networking Facts

80 – 90% of all communication job seekers find their positions through networking

Networking is essential to your career. The idea is to develop contacts within your industry who can help you in your job search. It is the best strategy for finding communications jobs.

Because most jobs are not posted, the most effective way to find a job is to reach out to people in the industry, or company, in which you are interested in working.. There is truth in, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Networking has other benefits. You are creating a community of people who can provide emotional support and with whom you can exchange information..

Keep in mind:

  • Networking is a planned and ongoing effort
  • You should set goals and develop strategies for achieving them
  • Evaluate how well your plan is working, and make changes as necessary
  • Plan to network long-term – It is something that you do throughout your career
  • Join professional associations and attend regular meetings
  • Network with friends, former co-workers, and people you meet from day-to-day
  • A good network has a healthy mix of both business and social contacts
  • Practice networking etiquette