Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by students. If your question is not on here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: When should I start using Career Services?
A: You should begin working with Career Services your first semester at COM. You can come in to use the resources in our office and meet with our staff or you can use the resources available on this web site. A good place to start is with our suggested timetable when you should start using each service and resource.

Q: Most of the internship opportunities require that the student be receiving credit for the internship. Can I do an internship before junior or senior year and still get credit for it?
A: It is possible to do an internship for credit before junior year by completing the one credit internship form. This is also helpful for students who have already done an internship for credit or students who do not have the 3.0 required to get full credit.

Q: Who is my Academic Internship Director?
A: Each department has an Internship Director. Check the list to see who to contact for your major if you are signing up for the internship as a class.

Q: Is it okay for me to study abroad 1st semester senior year? Shouldn’t I be starting my job search?
A: Yes, it is okay for you to study abroad 1st semester senior year, assuming you have been building your network for the previous 3 years. You won’t need to begin your job searches until second semester and often not until the second half of second semester senior year.

Q: When do I need to start looking for a communications job?
85% of communications jobs are never advertised, so a traditional job search does not usually yield results for COM students. Building a professional network of contacts and communicating with them appropriately is the best way to find a job. You should start freshman year with the process of building your network, though you won’t start working that network to find job opportunities until second semester senior year. Most communication jobs need to be filled immediately, so if you start looking and applying too early, you could end up needing to turn down a position because you have to finish your degree and graduate before starting.

Q: I have a job offer, how do I know the salary is fair?
Use online salary calculators to research salaries for your position or similar positions.

Q: Where do graduating COM students usually get jobs?
COM alumni are working all across the United States and around the world in a wide-variety of communications positions.

Q: Where should I be looking for a job?
There are aspects of communication in almost every company in every geographic location. COM graduates are in a unique position to have a wide variety of positions available to them. A meeting with Career Services staff can help narrow down some of the possibilities.

Q: I want to live and work 1,200 miles away from Boston. How can I get a job that far away?
The best way to get a job in a city is to live there. You can certainly start looking and networking before moving to your desired home city, but eventually you’ll need to move there. If there is not a job waiting, you may need to get a temporary, flexible job so you are available for interviews during the day.