About Us

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  • Howard

    The Lab Chief

    Dr. Eichenbaum

  • ePhys Summer 2009

    ePhys Summer 2009

    The lab during the summer research program for undergraduates

  • SfN 2014

    SfN 2014

    One of our post-docs presenting at the 2014 SfN

  • Item Context


    One of our most notable tasks in the lab, the "item-context maze"

  • Cape BBQ 2014 02

    Cape BBQ 2014

    2014 Annual lab retreat at the Cape

  • Treadmill Room


    Electrophysiological techniques are used to study "time cells"

  • Brain Dissection 2014

    Brain Dissections

    Undergrads appreciating the privilege of examining and dissecting brains

  • Techniques

    Our Techniques

    Techniques such as optogenetics, calcium imaging, and electrophysiology are employed to study learning and memory

  • UROP 2014 Symposium

    UROP Symposium 2014

    Our undergraduates participate in the annual UROP symposium

  • Cape 2013 01

    Cape BBQ 2013

    2013 Annual lab retreat at the Cape

  • SfN 2013 Ben

    SfN 2013

    One of our former post-docs presenting at the 2013 SfN

  • Transformer

    Automated Item-Context

    The lab also utilizes automated item-context mazes

  • Cape 2014 01

    Cape BBQ 2014

    2014 Annual lab retreat at the Cape

  • Opto Teadmill

    Optogenetic Treadmill

    Many techniques may be used to study hippocampal phenomenon, such as optogenetics with treadmills

  • UROP Summer Kick Off

    UROP Summer Kick Off

    UROP's 2015 Summer Kick-off

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology at Boston University is a 2500 sf facility with testing rooms for electrophysiology studies using high density data acquisition systems, behavioral experiments, and calcium imaging systems . In addition, the lab also has several common spaces: a workshop area for construction of multichannel electrode recording devices, workstations for post hoc data analysis, dedicated histological room, and a surgical suite for two simultaneous procedures.

Currently the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology consists of the lab director, Howard Eichenbaum, post doctoral research associates, multiple graduate students, full-time technicians, and many undergraduate assistants.  For a full listing, please visit our People page.

To reach us, please see our Contact Us page.