New paper on Inventory Management of Bike Sharing Systems!

New paper by Rebbeca Swasek and Christos G. Cassandras on Inventory Management of  Bike-Sharing Systems using Receding Horizon Control will be published at the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering journal. 

This research solves the demand imbalance problem in bike stations by using replenishment trucks. The challenge consists of deciding the routes and schedules of these trucks to replenish bike station inventories to prevent imbalances due to the time-varying demand. This load balancing process selects both optimal routes and the number of bikes to load/unload at each station with the objective of minimizing a user dissatisfaction metric.

This paper form part of the Ph.D. work of Rebbeca Swassek on Fleet Load Balancing Strategies for Shared Mobility-On-Demand Systems.

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