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The 5th Annual Ellison Pierce Symposium
Positioning Your ORs For The Future
April 30 - May 2, 2009

Positioning Your OR’s for the Future is a complex and challenging endeavor. Multiple practitioners work together in the perioperative setting to orchestrate a successful experience and outcome for all of our patients and staff. This year’s symposium includes a combination of thought-provoking safety and risk, administrative, and clinical topics.

Day One features a combination of safety and risk topics as well as thoughts on the future from two leading-edge hospital CEOs. These visionaries in the field will highlight issues facing all hospitals in the next decade and the new demands health care institutions will confront. The risk management topics will include never events, issues specific to the perioperative setting and dealing with the difficult practitioner. The symposium will review challenges in health care funding associated with dramatically changing economics and politics. A recent recipient of the Joint Commission’s Summit Award will highlight many of their outstanding initiatives; new standards of the Joint Commission will be reviewed. As research results continue to be integrated into clinical practice, the topic of etiquette-based medicine will be introduced. The Day One luncheon will focus on setting the tone in your ORs.

Day Two will focus on everyday management and creation of efficient ORs. The symposium investigates the importance of team building in our complex ORs and suggests strategies to improve throughput. Dr. Eugene Litvak, an expert in managing flow and variability, will provide insight into potential remedies to many of our multifaceted and recurrent issues. The full circle of open vs. block scheduling with pros and cons will be debated. Several lectures stress teamwork, collaboration, and strategies to institute and enforce important changes into the daily work routine. The Day 2 luncheon session will generate a lively discussion focusing on how to maximize your OR efficiency.

Day Three will concentrate on achieving excellence in the perioperative setting. This is an important topic because establishing evidenced-based perioperative targets is crucial as hospitals are being judged and reimbursed based on their performance compared to their peers. As OR profits lessen, systems need to be in place to quickly assess financial details to reach economically sound decisions. To address the new 2009 Joint Commission requirements, an explanation highlighting implementing a comprehensive multisite universal protocol will stress the importance of active communication of all parties of the surgical staff. Finally, the symposium will provide an overview of important considerations when redesigning or creating ORs for the future.

Summary: This conference is specially designed for anesthesiologists, surgeons, CRNAs, OR nurses, and hospital administrators interested in better positioning their ORs for the future. Each session will be highlighted with a lunch breakout session with experts in their respective fields. To address these critical issues we have assembled a superb faculty composed of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, lawyers, hospital CEOs, architects, flow experts and leaders in their respective field. We encourage teams from various institutions to attend to share experiences for the betterment of the services we provide to our patients and their families. A special feature of the symposium is the first presentation of the documentary, “The Ether Monument: A Story of Beauty and Controversy.” The movie will be followed by a walking tour of the monument by the author of Written in Granite, Dr. Rafael Ortega.

We are confident you will leave this symposium energized and eager to apply important lessons to your own hospital.

Keith P. Lewis, R.Ph., M.D.
Course Director

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