Support & Service

Can I receive training on the installed classroom equipment?

Yes! Please contact us to arrange a one-on-one or group training session with one of our Instruction Technology Specialists.  We will do our best to arrange for a meeting in a classroom of your choosing, schedule permitting.  If your preferred classroom is not available, we may schedule a session in a room of similar capability and/or technology level.  Helpful written and video instructions are also available here on our website. CTS can be reached at 617-353-3227, classrooms@bu.edu or by completing our request form.

What are the Classroom Technology Services support hours?

Regular business hours for Classroom Technology Services are as follows:

MONDAY:   7:30am — 9:30pm
TUESDAY:   7:30am — 9:30pm
WEDNESDAY:   7:30am — 9:30pm
THURSDAY:   7:30am — 9:30pm
FRIDAY:   7:30am — 5:30pm






NOTE:  Hours may vary in the summer and/or during holiday and break periods.

How can I reserve a Registrar room?

The University Registrar has a web page that explains the Room Reservation Policy where you can find out additional information on reserving a room.

Whom should I call for help – Classroom Technology Services or Media Support Services?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, your event or meeting will be supported by Media Support Services. If you’re still unsure, you are welcome to email your event details to classrooms@bu.edu and we will let you know which group can help.

  • Is your event or meeting open to the public?
  • Is your event or meeting being held outside of your regular class time?
  • Did you reserve your event through the Events & Conferences office?



Can I borrow a Mac adapter?

Mac adapters are available for sign out from the Classroom Technology Services office located in the CAS basement, Room B05.  Adapters can be borrowed on a per-class basis, and must be returned to CAS-B05 or a fee will be assessed.  CTS maintains an inventory of the following adapters but cannot guarantee their availability:

CTS Mac Adapters

CTS highly recommends that you purchase your own adapter for use with your personal laptop.  To determine which adapter is necessary for your machine, check out Apple’s Cable & Adapter page.  Adapters can be purchased from the Apple Store or your local electronics store.

Why doesn’t my classroom have a built-in projector?

Classroom Technology Services is responsible for the media support and maintenance of all Registrar classrooms across the Charles River Campus.  Each of these rooms is equipped with a projection system.  If your classroom does not have an installed projection system, it is very likely that you teach in a proprietary teaching space under the control of your department.  If you are interested in having a projection system installed, please speak with your department chair or administrative coordinator to arrange a consultation with the AV Engineering group in Information Services & Technology regarding equipment installation options.

Does Classroom Technology Services provide laptops or computers in the classrooms?

Classroom Technology Services does not provide laptops for faculty use in the classroom at this time.  There are many Registrar classrooms on campus with built in computers. You can locate these rooms through the Find a Classroom page.

What technology equipment is installed in my classroom?

All Registrar-controlled classrooms on the Charles River Campus have some kind of installed media equipment.  For a searchable, detailed list of all Registrar classroom equipment, and to find out what equipment is already installed in your classroom, please visit the Find a Classroom page to search for your room.

Where is the VGA/HDMI cable located? (Also, can I have my own cable?)

In a majority of classrooms, if it is not already connected to the VGA input jack when you arrive in the room, the VGA cable can be found in the rack drawer in the media box.  In some special cases, the VGA cable connection can be made at the podium or from the top of the media box. Some rooms on campus are HDMI-capable.  HDMI cables are not typically kept in the classrooms.  If you would like to project via HDMI, you can borrow an HDMI cable from the Classroom Technology Services office located in the CAS basement, room B05.  If you prefer, we can provide you with your own VGA/HDMI cable to keep with your laptop, free of charge.  A fee may be assessed for any further cable replacements, if necessary.

Why can’t I move the podium in my classroom?

By design, the podia in the classrooms are not meant to be moved.  Inside each podium, there are many delicate cable connections running to a floor box.  It is understandable that one might forget about these connections due to the fact that they cannot be seen; however, they are integral to the function of the room’s projection system.  When the podium is moved, these connections are often severed, contributing to complete system failure. Moving of this equipment often accounts for repair downtime.