Affiliated Faculty

The Department of Classical Studies works closely with faculty and students from across the Humanities, including the Departments of Art History, Archaeology, World Languages & Literatures, Religion, and Philosophy, and the School of Theology.  Affiliated areas of specialties include:

BU Literary Translation Seminar: Prof. Karl Kirchwey (Creative Writing)
Akkadian, Hebrew Bible, Assyriology and Egyptology: Assoc. Professor Alejandro Botta (School of Theology)
Classical Archaeology, Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia Archaeology: Assoc. Professor Christopher Roosevelt (Department of Archaeology)
Classical Archaeology, Hellenistic and Roman East: Professor Andrea Berlin, James R. Wiseman Emeritus in Classical Archaeology
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean: Professor Curtis Runnels (Department of Archaeology)
Ancient Egyptian Archaeology: Professor Kathryn Bard (Department of Archaeology)
Greek Art: Asst. Professor S. Rebecca Martin (Department of History of Art and Architecture)
Etruscan and Roman Art: Professor Fred Kleiner (Department of History of Art and Architecture
Ancient Mediterranean Religions: Professor David Frankfurter, William Goodwin Aurelio Chair (Department of Religion)
Ancient Philosophy: Professor Charles Griswold, Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy (Department of Philosophy)
Ancient Philosophy: Professor David Roochnik (Department of Philosophy)
Ancient Political Science: Assoc. Prof. Judith Swanson (Department of Political Science)
Comparative Studies of Ancient China, Japan, and Greco-Roman Comparisons: Assoc. Professor Wiebke Denecke (Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
Ancient Judaism: Assoc. Professor Jonathan Klawans (Department of Religion)
Early Christianity, Gender Studies: Assoc. Professor Jennifer Knust (School of Theology, Department of Religion)

Classical and Medieval Jewish Studies: Assoc. Professor Diana Lobel (Department of Religion)
Literature and History of Ancient Christianity: Assoc. Professor Jennifer Knust (Department of Religion)
Dante, Petrarch: Prof. Dennis Costa (Department of Romance Languages)
Medieval and Renaissance French: Assoc. Professor Irit Kleiman (Department of Romance Languages)
Historical Linguistics: Assoc. Professor Jonathan Barnes (Deparment of Roman Studies/ Linguistics Program)

Renaissance Art: Professor Jodi Cranston (Department of History of Art and Architecture)
Middle English Poetry: Asst. Professor Amy Appleford (Department of English)
English and European Renaissance: Professor Christopher Martin (Department of English)
Dryden and Pope: Professor James Winn (Department of English)
Milton: Assoc. Professor Erin Murphy (Department of English)