Course Requirements

A minimum of eight courses (32 credits) is required for an MA in Classical Studies. The course requirements are as follows:

  • CL 563 Greek Prose Composition or CL 530 Latin Prose Composition
  • seven additional courses at or above the 500 level offered in the Department of Classical Studies or related departments (with advisor approval)

Students typically concentrate in either Latin or Greek. One course in Greek or Roman art or archaeology is recommended. Students who wish to take more than two courses from related departments must receive approval from the Director of Graduate Studies.

Modern Language Requirements

Proficiency in German, French, or Italian must be demonstrated by written examination or by successfully completing GRS LG 621 Reading German or GRS LF 621 Reading French or GRS LI 621 Reading Italian. With the consent of the department, another language may be substituted.

Comprehensive Examination Requirements

Candidates must demonstrate, by written examination, proficiency in the following:

  • One Modern Foreign Language (or one semester of LF 621 Reading French/LG 621 Reading German/LI 621 Reading Italian)
  • Greek or Latin translation
  • History of Greek or Latin Literature

For more information about the MA requirements, contact Professor Stephen Scully, Director of Graduate Studies, (617-353-2427).