Funding and Fellowships

Dean’s Fellowships and Teaching Fellowships

All students accepted into the MA/PhD program are awarded five years of financial support, assuming that the student is in good standing and proceeding through the program in a timely manner.  In the first and fifth years this support takes the form of a Dean’s Fellowship (DF), free from teaching duties. In years two through four, it is converted to a Teaching Fellowship (TF). TFs are expected to teach one course per semester, and their teaching activity cannot exceed 20 hours per week. In his/her initial semesters a TF usually assists in, and/or teaches one or two sections of, a lecture course; later s/he may be assigned a stand-alone course in the undergraduate Greek or Latin language sequence.

Both Dean’s Fellowships and Teaching Fellowships include:
a) Stipend (in 2015-16, $20,100)
b) Tuition remission
c) Health insurance

Advanced students may also be appointed Senior TFs to teach a stand-alone course in the undergraduate Greek or Latin language sequence.

Except for students applying to the dual-degree program MA in Classical Studies and PhD in Philosophy, MA students are ineligible for department financial support.

Travel Funds

The Department offers travel funds for all graduate student presentations at SCS, CAMWS, and CANE.

It also funds most papers presented at regional conferences and graduate student conferences.

See sidebar for graduate student presentations funded in 2014-2015 and in 2013-2014.

Summer Support

The Department offers summer funding in the following ways:
1) Teaching summer courses in Latin, Greek, and  Classical Civilization courses.
2) Support for preparation of examinations for the writing of the prospectus, or for work on dissertation.
3) Attendance at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens summer program.
3a) Attendance at the American Academy in Rome Summer Program.
4) Research assistance for faculty .

Extradepartmental Teaching

Interested students may be awarded a Teaching Fellowship in the Core Curriculum Program

In the sixth year, students may
1) apply for a Senior Teaching Fellowship in the Core Curriculum
2) Apply for a Senior Teaching Fellowship in the Writing Program (a two-year appointment). These are courses of your own design which combine close study of texts with freshman composition. These courses are time-consuming, but offer unique teaching opportunities.

In semesters when faculty members teach in the University Honors College they receive funding for one TF in addition to the department’s allotment.

The BU Academy, a private high school on campus, occasionally has openings for graduate students to teach Latin and Greek.

In the Boston area numerous private high schools and colleges regularly have part-time or full-time openings for ABD classicists.

Research Assistantships

The department has limited funds to support students during the summer months, either to attend the American School of Classical Studies in Athens or the American Academy Summer Program in Rome, or to purpose their work toward the degree.

Students may apply to the Graduate School for short- and long-term Graduate Research Abroad Fellowships (awarded competitively each year).  They are also eligible to apply to a BU Hellenic Study Fund for Greek-related projects.  Faculty members both within and outside the department often have funding to appoint personal RAs on a term or hourly basis.