Aristophanes' "The Wealth"

  • Starts: 5:30 pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Jay Samons and the Fish Worship Blues Band: 5:30 Pizza: 6:15 The Show: 6:30 In Aristophanes' last play, The Wealth, a poor but just Athenian farmer (Classics House RA Sarah Leonard) and his crafty slave (Prof. Jeff Henderson) cure the god Wealth's blindness, so that, now able to see who he is dealing with, Wealth will give his riches only to the deserving. With Dean Patricia Johnson as a protesting Poverty, Prof. Zsuzsa Varhelyi as a now poor Wall Street banker, and Prof. Steve Scully in the title role of the once blind and beggarly god. Fun, wisecracks, cross-dressing, and pizza for all!
GSU Conference Auditorium, 775 Comm. Ave., 2nd floor

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