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Graduate Student Excels in Translation Prize

The translator Robert Fitzgerald had a strong connection to Massachusetts. Although he was born in Switzerland and travelled throughout the world in a career as a journalist, he was a professor at Harvard from 1964-1981, and claimed that the earliest stages of his Aeneid translation were conceived as he boarded a train at Boston’s South […]

Congratulations to graduate student Colin Pang!

Congratulations to fifth-year graduate student Colin Pang, who delivered a paper on Saturday at the International Society for Late Antique Literary Studies annual conference at Haverford College. The paper, entitled ‘Quintus of Smyrna’s Critique of Homeric Arete’, focused on a fascinating text: the Posthomerica, an Imperial-age sequel to the Iliad. Colin argued that Quintus, long […]

A Recent MA Graduate Brings Together China, Greece and Rome

Liu Tong draws parallels between Roman and Chinese notables When he was in a Greek History class at Boston University, recent MA graduate Liu Tong had an inspired idea. He was impressed by Plutarch’s comparisons between the Greeks and the Romans. But having come to the Classics after literary training in his native China, Tong […]

Classics Department BU Today Articles

Recently, BU Today has written two articles about the Department of Classical Studies. In one, they profile Chair Stephen Scully’s CL 305 Topics in Myth course, which focuses on various origin stories both mythical and scientific. We are very proud of this advanced mythology course and of Professor Scully’s interdisciplinary approach. Read the article here. […]

Modern Greek Literature Donation

Thank you to Katrina Barry and her family for the generous donation of Greek books in memory of her grandmother, Pelagia Balodimos. The donation will hopefully be used as a Greek Literature library for students and faculty. Euxaristo!