Latin & Greek Placement Exams

**Please note that COM or SHA students and CGS students who plan to continue to COM or SHA must take a different placement exam in person, please email**

To take an online placement test in LATIN, ANCIENT GREEK, or MODERN GREEK:

1) Download the Placement Exam Response Sheet and fill out the background questions.

2) Download the PDF of the placement exam (below) and complete the exam by writing your translations and/or question responses on the second page of the “Placement Exam Response Sheet” in the above Word document (under the “Placement Exam Responses” heading). You should complete the test in ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES.

DO NOT USE A DICTIONARY OR OTHER GRAMMATICAL HELP. *You may use a small dictionary (like the one in the back of introductory textbooks) on the ANCIENT GREEK exam only.

3) Save the document as “Your last name_PlacementExam” example: “Smith_LatinPlacementExam”

4) Email your exam to Program Coordinator, Eliza Givens, at A faculty member from the Classical Studies department will evaluate the test and reply within a week to let you know which language class would be most appropriate for you. If, at that point, you wish to change a language class you have already registered for, you will be able to do so online. You may only take the placement test once.

Students from COM and SHA, and CGS students intending to enter COM or SHA should NOT take the online exam. If a student is in COM or SHA, or intends to enter one of these colleges, they must take a different exam in person at their respective orientations or during the academic year at the Classical Studies Office.

Latin Placement Exam

Ancient Greek Placement Exam

Modern Greek Placement Exam

Note: These placement tests serve only to determine the particular language class best suited to you. THEY DO NOT GIVE CREDIT, NOR WILL THEY PLACE YOU OUT OF THE LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. Failure to follow the instructions above is likely to result in your being placed in an inappropriate class, and having to struggle with the language. We want you to succeed. Please follow the instructions.

Good luck!


For transfer credit information, please visit our Advising page.