The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome is located on the Gianicolo Hill in Rome where students spend a semester studying the history, archaeology, topography, art, and culture of ancient Italy and Rome, while continuing study of at least one ancient language. (Note that all applicants must have at least one year of Latin or Ancient Greek.) The program includes frequent field trips within Rome, day trips to surrounding areas, and a two-week field trip to Campania (including Pompeii and Naples) and to the ancient sites of Sicily. BU financial aid transfers to this program and students receive BU credits for courses taken in Rome. For further information on the program, see Duke University’s webpage. Contact Professor Zsuzsanna Varhelyi ¬†at the beginning of Fall Semester, for those wishing to spend Spring Semester in Rome; or at the beginning of Spring Semester, for those wishing to spend the following Fall Semester in Rome.