Graduate Students at CANE

Four of our graduate students will present papers at CANE (Classical Association of New England) Annual Meeting, St. Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire March 7-8, 2014

March 7 Paper Session II (10:10-11:25)

Amanda Jarvis, “Visual Perception and the Graspable Image in Ovid”
Karen Mower, “Circe’s Understanding of Rape Victims in Ovid”

March 8 Paper Session VII (10:00-11:20)

Emily Austin, “Grief as Pothos: Understanding the Anger of Achilles”
Laurie Hutcheson, “Thetis Tells Achilles’ Story: A Personal History Re-Imagined”

Abstracts of these papers are published in New England Classical Journal 41 (2014).