Participants (by year)

2005 Field Participants


Kevin C. Cooney (Boston University), Nezahat İşçi (İsparta Museum, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Representative), N. Pınar Özgüner (Boston University), Noam Y. Rifkind (Boston University), Dr. Donald G. Sullivan (University of Denver), and Nicholas P. Wolff (Boston University).


Hilâl Alkan (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi), Dr. Mark R. Besonen (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Kevin C. Cooney (Boston University), N. Pınar Özgüner (Boston University), Dr. Daniel J. Pullen (The Florida State University), Chelsea A. Wait (Ball State University), Nicholas P. Wolff (Boston University),and Emine Yılmaz (Samsun Museum, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Representative).


H. Alkan (anthropologist), K.C. Cooney (lithics specialist), N.P. Özgüner (GIS & remote sensing specialist), B.R. Vining (geophysicist), C.A. Wait (architect), N.P. Wolff (micromorphology specialist), and Emel Özçelik (Eskişehir Museum, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Representative).


Dr. E.P. Baughan (archaeologist), K.C. Cooney (lithics specialist), Ç. Çilingiroğlu (ceramic specialist), S.T. Karacik (archaeologist), , and Funda Ünal (Bursa Museum, Mınistry of Culture Representative). Specialist consultants in 2008 included M.G. Baughan (computer expert), Dr. M.R. Besonen (geomorphologist), and Dr. N.D. Cahill, Dr. C.H. Greenewalt, Jr., Dr. A. Ramage and Dr. M.L. Rautman (ceramic experts).


A. K. Berman (archaeologist), E. Cobb (cultural heritage management specialist), P. J. Cobb (archaeologist), Dr. M. M. Kersel (archaeologist), N. P. Özgüner (archaeologist), and M.N. Sneeringer (archaeologist), and Ertan Yilmaz (Aydın Museum, Ministry of Culture Representative).


E. Cobb (historic preservation specialist), P. J. Cobb (archaeologist), S. E. Craft (archaeologist), C. L. Curtis (archaeologist), C. M. G. Di Gregorio (archaeologist), M. W. Monroe (archaeologist), A. D. Moore (archaeologist), N. P. Özgüner (archaeologist), S. K. Roy (archaeologist), K. S. Sagstetter (archaeologist), B. M. Sekedat (archaeologist), O. M. Shoucair (archaeologist), J. M. Slocum (archaeologist), J. A. Valainis (archaeologist), and Sena Mutlu (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ministry of Culture Representative).

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Caitlin Curtis graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Anthropology at the University at Buffalo.

The assistance, encouragement, and support of the director and staff of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, and the director and staff of the Manisa Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology are very gratefully acknowledged.