CLAS Directors


Christopher H. Roosevelt is an Associate Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University. While working towards his PhD (2003, Cornell University), he was a member of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, coordinated a regional survey of greater Lydia, and conducted research at local Turkish museums. His recent book is The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander (Cambridge UP).







Christina Luke is a Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology and Anthropology Departments and the Writing Program at Boston University. Her interests focus on cultural and natural heritage policies of living landscapes in the Balkans, the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. In addition, she is interested in cultural diplomacy and the design and ethnography of heritage landscapes. She earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University (2002) and  B.A. from Scripps College (1995). Professional experience includes work for the Cultural Heritage Center at the U.S. Department of State, the Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and various programs through the Office of Citizen Exchanges, U.S. Department of State, including a U.S. speaker program to Montenegro and development of curriculum for cultural heritage policies and regulations at U.S. and international borders, an initiative through the Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2010-2011 she was awarded an National Endowment for the Humanities and American Research Institute in Turkey (NEH/ARIT) grant to study heritage policies in western Turkey. She is co-editor with Morag Kersel of the Archaeological Heritage and Ethics column of the Journal of Field Archaeology.