The BURN Reading Group

The editors of Burn, in addition to editing their edgy but affectionate magazine, convene a reading group to enhance the development of BULS members as readers (just as the Workshop aids in their development as writers). These gatherings of the reading group are an opportunity to partake of literary community and thoughtful conversation. Members may expect to discuss recent publications; to listen to participants or guest speakers deliver short papers on literary topics; to attend special enrichment seminars arranged in coordination with the BU Special Collections; and so on.

To make known your interest in participating, please contact Jenna Dee by email, and she'll add you to the mailing list.

This calendar for Fall 2011 reading group events will be posted before the start of the semester in September. Spring 2011 events included:

  • Sunday, February 27, 2011: Keeping up with literary magazines. 2 PM at Porter Square Books, on the Red Line. An afternoon of reading and conversation.
  • Wednesday, March 2, 2011: Literature of nonwriters who write. Reading and discussion of an anecdote (appearing in Ring: A Biography of Ring Lardner, by Jonathan Yardley) recorded by Lawrence Ritter (in The Glory of Their Times), as told by baseball player Davy Jones about his teammate Herman Shaeger.

Of related interest: Over at HTMLGIANT, Roxane Gay wonders what it would be like to have a book club for literary magazines, instead of full-length books.

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