Weekly BUWW Emails for Spring 2011

5/4/11: "BU Writers' Workshop, at semester's-end"

4/12/11: "Tomorrow: Writing & publishing seminar w/Michelle Hoover; Writers' Workshop"

4/6/11: "A message for interested parties"

3/30/11: "BUWW mailer for the week of 3/30"

3/23/11: "Announcements, workshop, news"

3/9/11: "Workshop tonight, and literary announcements"

2/15/11: "Burn meeting tonight, BUWW tomorrow, & lit announcements"

2/9/11: "BUWW workshop tonight, and more about BULS projects"

2/2/11: "BUWW workshop tonight canceled, and literary announcements"

1/25/11: "First workshop of Spring 2011, and literary announcements"


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