Weekly BUWW Emails for Spring 2010

Sent on 4/26/2010: "Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!"

Sent on 4/20/2010: "Only 2 Workshops Left! Best Bargain! Act Now!"

Sent on 4/12/2010: "Satan Escapes from Hell!"

Sent on 4/6/2010: "Better Late than Never Take 2"

Sent on 3/29/2010: "Happy Passover!"

Sent on 3/16/2010: "Welcome Back"

Sent on 3/1/2010: "Workshop: the perfect break from midterms"

Sent on 2/15/2010: "Erotica Night 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Sent on 2/8/2010: "SMUT!"

Sent on 2/1/2010: "You! Me! Write-In!"

Sent on 1/26/2010: "Meeting and Poetry"

Sent on 1/14/2010: "New semester! New room!"

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