Weekly BUWW Emails for Fall 2009

Sent on 12/6/2009: "Final Meeting, and bookswap!"

Sent on 11/30/2009: "Welcome Back!"

Sent on 11/16/2009: "Another Wednesday, Another Workshop"

Sent on 11/9/2009: "Yay fiction."

Sent on 11/1/2009: "Workshop Wednesday"

Sent on 10/27/2009: "No submissions makes me a sad Sara."

Sent on 10/25/2009: "Horror Night!"

Sent on 10/22/2009: "Boston Book Fest"

Sent on 10/21/2009: "Snow?"

Sent on 10/12/2009: "After the Fair... on to the Workshop"

Sent on 10/9/2009: "PARTY!"

Sent on 10/5/2009: "Shock, Horror, Writer's Workshop Party"

Sent on 9/27/2009: "Send me Literature."

Sent on 9/21/2009: "New Meeting! New Fiction!"

Sent on 9/13/2009: "Next Meeting Wednesday"

Sent on 9/6/2009: "Welcome Back! First Meeting this Wednesday."

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