About the BU Literary Society and Clarion

The BU Literary Society was founded as BU Students for Literary Awareness in the fall of 1997, under the leadership of Jennifer Herron. The group's original members meant to publish a magazine called The View from a Window; however, campus plans often being well-laid and then lost, the first issue of their new organ was released in spring 1998, under a more enigmatic title: a single question mark.

Since 1999, that publication has been called Clarion, and been published under the aegis of a right red rooster. Our coquettish colophon recently appeared on Facebook -- won't you friend him?

In 2008, the editors decided to expand their purview beyond the campus, opening submissions to all writers. The magazine is now published annually, featuring poetry, prose, drama, and interviews with literary figures of interest Since the summer of 2011, Clarion has been published by The Pen & Anvil Press, in agreement with the executive board of the BU Literary Society.

The Literary Society has also expanded its activities. In the summer of 2009, they added Burn, to their stable, a students-only showcase of edgier experimental writing. In the spring of 2010, they added two others, by offering the editors of formerly independent publications a home under the BULS administrative umbrella: Back Bay Review, an arts and culture magazine specializing in criticism; and Pusteblume, a journal on and of literary translation. In 2013, they launched a new journal, Coup d'etat.

In addition to publications, the student members of the Lit Society organize a twice-annual Literary Fair; sponsor a weekly writers' workshop for members of the campus community (yes, alumni included); and put up, when the occasion demands it, various program events, e.g. van trips to Walden Pond, readings at the BU Castle, and so on.

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