Issue 4, 2002


Greta Hansen
A Cold Walk

Jasmine Marrero
The clouds settle

Raquel Hoersting
Paper Garden

Christopher Tobal
Fear is

Susan Elpiner

Sean Spada
It aligns itself in eventuality
you're sent out...
on the river shore

Meg Kociemba
Kingdom of the Candy Cane

Zachary Bos
the storm
Ivy Walls and Off We Fall

Erik Nielsen
Sonnet: When I set forth

Tina Huang
A Scrutiny in Twain

Kathryn DeVito
The Obsession
Car Troubles

Sean Carlson
The Greatest of Ease

Erica Saldivar
What Could I Say?
The Girl in My Café

John Tozzi

Rivka Watkins
Poetry Reading

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