edited by Samantha Arnold and Emma Forbes
New Writing from Africa

featuring ten up-and-coming writers:

Lutivini Majanja

story: Gone in November

Michael Onsando

poem: Soliloquy
poem: The Search
poem: Isolation

Karanja Nzisa

story: New Beginnings
story: Scar Tissue

Daisy Moraa Ong'angi

poems: from Love After Love

Maryam Aliko Mohammed

poem: Fated
poem: My God
poem: Conjure

Mugambi Nthiga

poem: Letter to My Younger Self

Lind Grant-Oyeye

poem: The African Girl-child
poem: Guerre

Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

poem: Travelogue Triptych
poem: Mermaid's Lament
poem: Shell
poem: Portrait of Umau's Early Days

Onesmus M. Kasau


Chukwuebuka Ibeh

story: On the Sun-Baked Street

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