No. 19: 2016

A special regional feature:
New Writing from Africa
assembled and edited by Samantha Arnold and Emma Forbes

Jason Kleckner
Consolation Prize

George San Martin
Fello's Magic Dirt

Jonathan Scott
The Second of June

Stephanie Cohen reviews:
spoKe magazine, Nos. 1, 2 & 3

Anthony Martin
Plum Blood Red

Andy Hall
The Discipline of Forever

René Amat
Parting Words

Anthony Hagen
Two Poems

After Clarion:
updates from past contributors

The 2016 Knott Poetry Prize,
judged by Zachary Bos:
Winner: Brandon Beck
Gathering Romaine
Runner-up: Sarah Key
for Ode to Microchimera

Jonathan Scott
The Second of June

An interview by Lydia Erickson with
Alicia Borinsky

Elizabeth Mastrangelo
Keep It Moving

Daniel Hudon
Brief Eulogies for Three Lost Animals

Hyacinthus Meredith, translator
Tang Poems of Parting

Juanita Rey
The Unwanted Happiness of Others

Sarah Hartshorne reviews The Goodbye Room in NYC:
A Family Drama

The Last Straw

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