No. 18
Spring/Summer 2015

Meg Tyler
To the Lord Mayor of Belfast

Interviews by Jon Maniscalco with
Eamon Loingsigh (a new crime writer's take on old-school New York Irish); and James A. Ring (an FBI veteran looks at terrorism through fiction)

Jenna Le

Donald Vincent
Dating Advice...
Men I’ve Slept With

Matthew P. Garcia
First Man/First Woman

John Grey
Family Vacation

Sassan Tabatabai
Kreutzer Sonata
Burial Ground
read by Lauren Shapiro

Owen Cluer

Marian Calabro
Empty Storefronts

Bradley Tucker
The Lost Adult Child

Ellen Davis Sullivan

Jim Wyatt
The Good Heart

Exclusively online...
New entries from The New Book of Imaginary Beings; Rui Zhang considers Chinese translations of The Arabian Nights; and Justin Lievano reviews Frank Bidart's Stardust.

Tim Cresswell

Jennifer Dignazio
My June in the Endless Mountains

After Clarion:
updates from past contributors

Winner of the 2014
Clarion Short Story Prize
Adam Felts
Chicken Bones

Ted Richer
Six Figurations
read by Zachary Bos

Karin Lundberg
The Train

Joshua Bennett
Family Reunion

Theo Greenblatt
The Night Shift

An interview by Anne Whiting with Qais Omar Akbar (author of l Shakespeare in Kabul and A Fort of Nine Towers)

Elizabeth Mayhew Matson

Lydia Erickson
read by Christopher Ricks

Art and photography by
Alice Bloomfield, Hannah Machover, Lauren Shapiro, Noa Machover, Jay Otsuka, Under,
and featured artist Sophie Glover.

Joe Nicholas
Kid Icarus
A Love Poem

Ray Greenblatt

Ellen Glassie
In the hospital, bodies
Tee-shirts of New York

read by Ellen Glassie

Jack Hanson
To the Daughters...

Ha Kiet Chau
Color of Tea in Autumn
At Home With Confucius

Andrew R. Dugan
Danaus Plexippus
Translated from the Austrian

The Last Straw

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