No. 15: 2012


An interview by Sto Austin with
R.A. Salvatore

Peter Sipchen

William Neumire
The Revelation of the Club-Winged Manakin
We Ignore Our Dog Barking at the Window

Thomas Simmons
The Great American Hangover

Sean Campbell
Ghost Plant

Ellen Glassie
Life's a Colander

James Stotts
for jack, before the nightshift

Ben Mazer
Closed Space

Randall Brown
A Hard Thing to Love Someone For

Vladimir Savich
A Russian Disease

Abigail Warren
Sitting Shiva

Marianna Staroselsky

Sassan Tabatabai
Qazal (in Vain)

Michael Sareyani
What the Monster Said
Kind Commands

Jo Walton
Another Poem About the Weather

Kasia Buczkowska
Three Miniatures

Roger Hunt
The Ambusher

Maria Gapotchenko
At the Hairdresser's
In Third Person
For Fear of Ruining Your Life

Eliot Garson
Winter Break at Rhinecliff

Abigail Clauhs
Carbon Dating

Sara Balsom

Aben Rajama

Quincy Lehr
If Love Will Seek Us Yet

Robert Morris
The Crow

Joseph Dorazio
Night Louvre

Jillian Saucier
The Dream

John Koenig
from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Bill Knott
Two Poems

Photoessay by Emily Hopkins
Occupy Boston

An Interview by Anne Whiting with
James Stotts

George McDermott
Pictures, Some of Them Moving


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Shots of Morocco

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