No. 14: 2009


An interview by Liza Katz with
Ben Mazer

An interview by Sophie Buonomo with
Janaka Stucky

William Doreski
Fear of Sinking Knee-Deep

Janet Butler
Vanishing Point

Alan King
Quasimodo in NYC

Franz Baskett

Peter Schwartz

Marie Gauthier
After the Sheep
Blood Lust
Labor Day

Irene Koronas
Listening for Emily

Rebecca Fofonoff
Summer Help

Zachary Bos
On Not Having Psychic Powers

Jenna Dee

Graham Hillard
Between the Body and the Mind
If My Body Were

Jasmine Bailey
To Love a Persian
Traveling to Texas

Sharron Singleton
Earth Will Split in Half
A Man Who Cooks

Daniel Hudon

J. A. Tyler
How Is It, That Jimmy, He Goes, When Everyone Is Sleeping

Joseph Goosey
Trying to Examine What's Inside of a Building

Sergio Ortiz
In Line at the Welfare Office

Joseph Dorazio

KJ Hays
Ten Gallon Hat Dance

Jenny Grassl
What Is Lost

Adam Tavel
A Brief Confluence of Ache
Jim Crowe's Talk Show

Samuel Lovett

Erik T. Johnson
Le Rire

Sean Campbell
The Body Farm

Nora Delaney

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