In Limbo

If you happen to understand pain you
would know that mine is overwhelming,
If you can imagine a volcano erupting
that is my heart overflowing

And inside, deep and hidden beneath rock
underground, unimaginable is the force it holds
As it trembles, liquefied beneath the surface,
cracks because of your voice

Swelling like a child, a lingering rage, hot
as lava molten and simmering and almost
Ready to explored. With my mouth shut though
it will continue to boil there, my swelling

Need for you, your sweetness like nectar filling and
coating a mouth opened wide with hunger,
A newborn almost, I am caught between the safe world
of placenta and the unfamiliar rush of

Breath I could take in a moment,
if I would just open my mouth and
Say something, then the blood of repressive searing
melted stone might not kill me;

But you could never hold me that way again,
I probably wouldn't let you,
And in my center boils this rage,
frothing within me and never expressed.

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