The Annual C-K Lecture


Stephen Kinzer

2012:  Stephen Kinzer, journalist, author, Boston University professor

Video of Stephen Kinzer’s Lecture





2011: Elif Shafak, Novelist

Elif Shafak’s website

Video of Elif Shafak’s lecture



2010: Berna Turam, Northeastern University

Video of Prof. Turam’s Lecture
Prof. Turam’s Faculty Page at Northeastern University

MustafaAkyol_b2009: Mustafa Akyol, journalist

Video of Mustafa Akyol’s Lecture
Streaming audio of lecture

Mustafa Akyol’s Website

henry barkey2008: Henri Barkey, Lehigh University

Video of Prof. Barkey’s Lecture
Prof. Barkey’s Faculty Page at Lehigh University

2007: Salih Memecan, cartoonist

Video of Salih Memecan’s Lecture
Salih Memecan’s Website

graham_fuller2006: Graham E. Fuller

Video of Graham Fuller’s Lecture

elif safak2005: Elif Shafak, University of Arizona
Official Website of Elif Shafak

metinheper2004: Metin Heper, Bilkent University
Prof. Heper’s Faculty Page at Bilkent University

sencer ayata2003: Sencer Ayata, Middle East Technical University (METU)
Prof. Ayata’s Faculty Page at METU

Streaming audio of Prof. Ayata’s lecture

j-white2002: Jenny B. White, Boston University
Prof. White’s Faculty Page

Prof. White’s Blog
Prof. White’s Official Website

alaton2001: Izhak Alaton, CEO of Alarko Holding
Lecture Title: “The Question of Corruption in Turkey”

Mr. Alaton’s Keynote Speech
Mr. Alaton’s Biography

cemal_kafadar2000: Cemal Kafadar, Harvard University

Prof. Kafadar’s Faculty Page

kandiyoti1999: Deniz Kandiyoti, University of London
Lecture Title: “Fragments of Culture: The Everyday of Modern Turkey”

Prof. Kandiyoti’s Keynote Speech and her biography.
Prof. Kandiyoti’s Faculty Page at the University of London.

sibel bozdogan1998: Sibel Bozdogan, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Lecture Title: “Modern Architecture and National Identity in Turkey: Republican Visions and Current Revisions”

Prof. Bozdogan’s Faculty Page at Harvard University

ilnur_cevik011997: İlnur Çevik, Editor of The Turkish Daily News

The Turkish Daily News Website

Ayata1996: Ayşe Ayata, Middle East Technical University
Lecture Title: “The Emergence of Idendity Politics in Turkey”

Prof. Ayata’s Faculty Page at METU and Curriculum Vitae