Urban Affairs (UA)


  The urban affairs program offers a one year graduate degree for students looking to improve their understanding of the urban realm and includes the study of policy-making, service delivery, community and economic development, housing, transportation and environmental planning.

The Master of Urban Affairs (MUA) is designed for students seeking a broad background in urban public policy, community development and service delivery, and the administration of public and private agencies in urban settings. The MUA is designed as a one-year graduate degree program, if taken full-time. The MUA provides the theoretical and analytical foundations for understanding the complexities of the urban environment. Students interested in pursuing an MUA are often in search of a challenging academic experience that helps them delve further into urban issues and debates, or they are in search of a graduate degree for internal advancement within their current professional environment.

Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in which they assemble and analyze information for policy-making, identify community needs and resources, and administer effective service delivery programs. These tasks are common to public, private, and voluntary organizations in a wide variety of urban functions, such as housing, health services, economic development, transportation, and environment control. Many students obtain the Master of Urban Affairs degree in preparation for further study.