Student Profiles

Pablo Aboumrad

Master of City Planning, Class of 2008

BS in Industrial Engineering, University Anahuac; BA in Art History, University Iberoamericana (both in Mexico City)

My specialty is urban development. I have a very diverse background from working in different fields. I started working in the ceramic tile industry, where I realized that my passion was more related to improving our quality of life as humans. So, I started to get involved with the art movement. In 2000, I was invited to participate in the most amazing revitalization project Mexico City had ever seen: to rescue its abandoned Historic Center. I started as cultural director for a nonprofit by organizing contests, exhibits, and other cultural events. My participation grew as I got more involved in real estate development of the area, promoting housing opportunities and assigning new uses to buildings that would complement the project’s main purpose of revitalization. I was named director of the company.

City Planning at BU’s Metropolitan College has not only helped me strengthen my knowledge, but also introduced me to several new concepts that will help me in my professional life as a developer. The program helped me identify the fundamental connections that we sometimes take for granted; how one single building affects its surroundings, nature, resources, people, eco-systems, water, evolution, and so on; and allows me to make better decisions in every aspect of my life.

Now I plan to use this knowledge in my company. I started a project to develop the first green residential building in Latin America, where I have begun to integrate this knowledge by establishing relationships with government agencies to create synergies, reducing resource consumption and integrating the community in the process. I am very thankful to BU for making me a better person.