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The Boston University City Planning and Urban Affairs (BUCPUA) Career Digest is a shared platform for our community to spread opportunities for professional development.  This biweekly campaign provides notices of jobs, internships, fellowships, conferences, workshops and more. If you would like to share an opportunity for professional development, please contact us at

Career Digest November 7, 2016

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Directed Internship Program

Master of City Planning (MCP) and Master of Urban Affairs (MUA) students are encouraged to obtain internships in the public policy and planning fields during their studies at Boston University through the Program’s Directed Internship Program. Students interested in this program can work closely with the department throughout the internship search and negotiation process.


Once an internship is secured, students register for MET UA 804 Supervised Fieldwork and receive 4 credits towards their degree upon completion. Only one set of credits can be awarded to a student, although this does not impede students from continuing with their internship beyond a single semester, or from securing another internship. All internships through this program need to be in a planning- or policy-related area and in the public, private, and/or nonprofit sector. Internships need to be secured for the duration of the semester, and students are expected to work at least five hours per week under a specific supervisor within the agency for which they are seeking the position. Exceptions to these rules are granted under special circumstances and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For further details and requirements, please contact the Assistant Program Coordinator at