Lauren Masiar

  • Town of Milton, MA  Assistant Town Planner
  • Master of City Planning ’16

My experience in the Boston University MCP program provided me with an understanding of the intricate balance between economic vitality, sustainability, and social equity. Each course taken during my time in the program pushed me to challenge myself to change my perception of the surrounding environment. The professors in the City Planning & Urban Affairs Department offer a diverse learning experience that combines academic theory with pragmatic solutions to provide students with the critical thinking skills necessary to solve real-world planning problems.

Lauren is currently the Assistant Town Planner for the Town of Milton, Massachusetts. Under the supervision of the Director of Planning and Community Development, she assists in the review of development proposals and site plans for conformance with bylaws, plans, and regulations of the town. She acts as a liaison between various committees, developers and the town. Lauren sits regularly in the Town Planning Board meetings, assisting the Planning Board with their evaluation of zoning amendments, permits, site plans, and other proposals. Recent projects that Lauren has been working on include drafting a Complete Streets Policy for the town and assisting the Planning Board with permitting process improvements.