#BUCPUA Fall 2016 Keynote Lecture

“District Energy in Cities: Unlocking Efficiency, Sustainability and Resiliency through Infrastructure Investment”

Speaker:  Rob Thornton, President & CEO of the International District Energy Association (IDEA) and partner in the United Nations Environment Program Sustainable Energy for All District Energy Initiative

On October 13, 2016, Rob Thornton outlined how cities around the globe from Copenhagen to Dubai, Paris to Boston are investing in district energy thermal heating and cooling networks to enhance resource efficiency, conserve fuel and water, and strengthen energy resiliency for local economies.  City leaders have recognized that heating and cooling buildings represents a significant opportunity to optimize efficiency, utilize local and sustainable energy supplies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This lecture explored the shifting utility paradigm from central station generation to more distributed solutions, discussed planning approaches for energy mapping and investment strategies, and shared illustrative case examples of highly successful district energy systems as strategic foundation for more sustainable cities.


United Nations Environment Program  – Sustainable Energy for All District Energy Initiative