Max Grinnell

AB, University of Chicago; AM, University of Chicago, Ph.D candidate, University of Wisconsin

Mr. Grinnell is an urbanologist with degrees in history, geography, and community development. In his professional life, he has served as an urban consultant for the Michael Sorkin Studios in New York, the University of Chicago, and the city of Chicago.

Mr. Grinnell has taught a wide range of courses across the social sciences, including urban studies, field research methods, and American politics. His academic writing has appeared in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, the Journal of African American History, Urban Geography, and the Encyclopedia of American Urban History.

Mr. Grinnell has two books on Chicago which will be published in 2009, and he maintains an active research interest in the role of cities as creative hubs, community development, and regional planning.

For additional information, please visit Mr. Grinnell's professional and personal website at: http://www.theurbanologist.com

Current and Past Courses: