Faculty Profiles

Full-time Faculty


Daniel LeClair, PhD

Chair, Department of Applied Social Sciences

Expertise: Criminal justice, victimology, white-collar crime, urban architecture, urban history and urban development


Madhu C. Dutta-Koehler, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice
Director, City Planning and Urban Affairs

Expertise: Climate Change; Sustainable Development; Urban Planning; Urban Design


Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Coordinator for Research and Academic Outreach

Expertise: Urban Planning; Public Policy; Sustainable Cities; Mixed Methods Research; GIS

Adjunct Faculty


Eugene B. Benson, JD

Expertise: Environmental Law and Policy; Planning and Land Use Law; Environmental Justice Law and Advocacy; Administrative Law; Non-profit Organization Management

Walter F. Carroll, PhD

Walter F. Carroll, PhD

Expertise: Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity; Urban Political Economy; Guns and Urban Violence; Social Network Analysis; Japanese Cities; Urban Problems and Policy

Brian Creamer, MCP, LEED GA

Expertise: Urban Design, Low Impact Development, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning

Stephen L. Delaney, MUA

Stephen L. Delaney, MUA

Expertise: Municipal management and finance

Kurt Gaertner, MS

Expertise: Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Energy and Natural Resource Conservation

Joshua Hassol, PhD

Expertise: Transportation and Environmental Planning

Anne Haynes, AIA LEED, MBA

Expertise: Architecture, Urban Design, Community and Economic Development, Urban Development and Innovation Public Policy

Doug Johnson, MCP

Expertise: Community engagement, urban planning, active transportation, bike infrastructure planning

David O. Jermain, MS

Expertise: Urban Energy Planning, Human Ecology, Energy Policy and Decision-Making, Strategy Design, Planning, and Execution Management, Organization Design and Development, and Executive Decision-Making Practices

Tej Karki, PhD

Expertise: Politics of enforcement of planning regulations, climate change and its impacts on cities, Flood and earthquake resilient cities, sustainable urban planning principles, international planning and development, US state housing mandates, urban land management through land readjustment

William Koehler, PhD

Expertise: Urban Business Development; Management; Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship; Social Justice

Kwabena Kyei-Aboagye, JD

Expertise: Environmental Law and Urban Environmental Issues; Environmental Justice; Environmental Issues in Ghana

Ayako Maruyama, MCP

Ayako Maruyama, MCP

Expertise: Community engagement, Human Centered Design, Social Justice, Urban Planning and Design, Arts and Culture, Environmental Design and Production.

Mickey Northcutt, JD

Mickey Northcutt, JD

Expertise: Affordable Housing and Regional Community Development

James C. O’Connell, JD

James C. O’Connell, PhD

Expertise: Urban History; Metropolitan Boston Planning and Development; Urban and Regional Planning; Heritage Planning

Jennifer Raitt, MS

Jennifer Raitt, MS

Expertise: Affordable Housing; Comprehensive Planning; Neighborhood Planning; Zoning and Land Use Planning; Fair Housing; Organizational Planning; Leadership Development; Group Facilitation; Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Terrance J. Regan, MPA

Terrance J. Regan, MPA

Expertise: Transportation Policy; Finance; Intelligent Transportation Systems

Lily K. Song, PhD

Lily K. Song, PhD

Expertise: Urban resilience, justice, and livability; race and class politics in American cities and postcolonial urban contexts; alternative local economic and workforce development; and shared value creation efforts among civil society, public sector, and private sector actors

John Weis, MCP

John Weis, MCP

Expertise: Real Estate Development; Public/Private Partnerships; Neighborhood Revitalization; Strategic Planning and Redevelopment

Donald E. Zizzi, PhD

Donald E. Zizzi, PhD

Expertise: Urban and Regional Economics; Economic Development; Business Development; Development Finance; Public Budgeting; Strategic Planning & Management