The strength of Metropolitan College's Master of City Planning and Master of Urban Affairs programs rests in part on the quality of its full-time and adjunct faculty. By quality faculty we mean professors that are not just accessible, articulate and academically rigorous, but also well-respected by their network of peers, known for their years of experience and contributions to the field, as well as admired for the promise they hold for relevant research and leadership.

Our full-time faculty come from diverse backgrounds and with respected research portfolios. They are also responsible for ensuring that students are given an education that is firmly grounded in theory and policy-relevant research.

Our programs also rely heavily on the time and knowledge of its adjunct faculty members, who literally bring their work and network of colleagues into the class room every night. It is the combination of research-focused full-time faculty and practice-oriented adjunct faculty that gives the MCP and MUA programs the ability to stay at the forefront of the planning and urban affairs fields.

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