About City Planning/Urban Affairs

Department of Applied Social Sciences

The Master of City Planning (MCP) and Master of Urban Affairs (MUA) programs are housed within the Department of Applied Social Sciences at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. As growth rates in American cities continue to rise, there is an ever greater need for professionals with outstanding credentials to help solve the many issues that confront urban communities.

In the Department of Applied Social Sciences, you’ll find the training and skills necessary to begin or advance your career in exciting areas such as City Planning, Urban Affairs, and Criminal Justice. We’re currently one of the few institutions across the country with graduate programs in these vital areas. And, because Metropolitan College offers part-time, evening classes and opportunities for online study, you can get your education on a schedule that fits with your personal life and career objectives.

With a degree from Boston University, you’ll have the respected credentials and solid foundation necessary to become a leader in your chosen field.