Community Health


Achieving health equity requires looking beyond the entire health care system. An “upstream” approach to improving population health involves not only cutting waste in health care spending and prioritizing public health prevention, but also investing in community organizing and advocating for policy change. The Center is working to deepen understanding of how social determinants of health – such as racism, education, poverty, housing, transportation, and employment – interconnect with one another to affect outcomes. Through engagement with social workers, academics, doctors, attorneys, community health workers, and other stakeholders, we are challenging the health care system to move beyond current mechanisms for measuring the social determinants of health and to move toward a more robust, comprehensive community health model with health equity as the focus.


  • Geoff Wilkinson

    Boston University School of Social Work

  • Alan Sager

    Boston University School of Public Health

  • Angela Cenzon

    Boston University School of Social Work

  • Rich Antonelli

    Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Durrell J. Fox

    MA Dept. of Public Health, Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund

  • Celeste Reid Lee

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts

  • Samantha Morton

    Medical – Legal Partnership | Boston

  • Abigail Ortiz

    Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center

  • Sara Selig

    Brigham & Women’s Hospital; Partners in Health

  • Gail Hirsch

    MA Dept. of Public Health, Office of Community Health Workers

  • Monica Valdes Lupi

    Boston Public Health Commission