Center for Innovation in Social Work & Health

Cross-cutting priorities

Trans-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations that
address social determinants of health and promote health equity, racial equity, and social justice

Education and training opportunities such as leadership, management, and structural racism

Social workers’ participation in local and national policy development and advocacy regarding health care, public health and the social determinants of health

Integrated health care models that place social workers in leadership positions

Community-based research that includes meaningful engagement of community partners in all aspects of the work and utilizes existing expertise inside and outside Boston University

Economic analyses of the role of social work in health

non-profits and community agencies engaged in the learning communities

practitioners, students, and faculty engaged through speakers

students engaged in fellowships and internships

faculty members from 4 different BU Schools participating in LCs (SSW, SPH, MED, Sargent)

learning communities

academic institutions represented in the 7 Learning Communities engaged