SPDX Modules

Partial Table of Contents. Also see SPDX Module Demos

  • animatefile
  • AppendFile
  • axes
  • fileloop
  • Ion2FtPt
  • MapftPts
  • OpenClose
  • OrbitSync
  • ReadENLIL
  • ReadMAS
  • ReadRaeder
  • readmhdhdf
  • readmhdhdf53
  • readmhdhdfdbl
  • readmhdhdfdbl53
  • ReadTrajectory
  • sm_gse
  • yrdayhr

  • The entries that follow describe the SPDX modules in the CISM Data Explorer. They are listed in alphabetical order by module name and contain the following information:


    1. The name of the tool category to which a module belongs is printed opposite the module name (i.e., the name listed in the "Categories" palette of the Visual Program Editor window). The absence of a category name signifies that the module is not available in the graphical user interface.

    2. This subsection is omitted if the module does not produce a Field as output.

    3. These programs are contained in the directory /usr/local/CISM_DX/OpenDX/modules.

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