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Reads a spacecraft trajectory file in SSC format.


TrajectoryField = ReadTrajectory(filename);

Name Type Default Description
filename string "file.trj" input trajectory filename

Name Type Description
TrajectoryField field field of positions with data of a 3-vector of time

Functional Details

Takes a filename string as input, reads the spacecraft trajectory file and outputs a field with positions and a 3-vector of time as the data part (yyyy doy hh.hhhh). The input trajectory file must be an ASCII file in the form:
yyyy doy hh.hhhh x.xx y.yy z.zz
A file of this format can be downloaded from the Satellite Situation Center but remember to specify the time to be in decimal hours (hh.hhhh).
COMMON PITFALLS: When saving the trajectory file from SSCWeb, you must cut out the trailing html tags from the end of the file. This will cause OrbitSync to be confused as to the last valid time in the file. You can leave the header at the top of the file.


must be an SSC format ASCII file in the form YYYY DOY HH.HHHH X.XX Y.YY.Z.ZZ

The following image is a portion of a network which illustrates the connections among modules that are used to extract MHD data at a certain time and place such as spacecraft coordinates.

Example Network Portion

To be used in conjunction with OrbitSync. Author T. Guild (tguild at bu.edu)

Example Visual Programs


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