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Interpolates spacecraft position in MHD spatial coordinates and at MHD time.


SCPosition = OrbitSync(Trajectory, MHDTime, CloudRadius);

Name Type Default Description
Trajectory field none spacecraft trajectory (from ReadTrajectory)
MHDTime vector none UT time (from yrdayhr)
CloudRadius scalar 1.0 cloud around spacecraft in Re

Name Type Description
SCPosition field position of spacecraft
CloudPosition field cloud points

Functional Details

Receives the spacecraft trajectory field (from ReadTrajectory) and the MHDTime (from yrdayhr). The module interpolates the position of the spacecraft trajectory at the UT of the MHD model, then outputs that interpolated position of the spacecraft.
Optional: The module also calculates the positions of 6 points separated from the position of the spacecraft by a distance CloudRadius. These points are effectively the centers of faces of a cube centered on the spacecraft position. The input CloudRadius is an optional parameter that specifies the distance (in X, Y, and Z) from the spacecraft that those cloud points are put.
The second output tab of OrbitSync is the


takes the s/c trajectory from ReadTrajectory


takes the UT time from yrdayhr

The following image is a portion of a network which illustrates the connections among modules that are used to extract MHD data at a certain time and place such as spacecraft coordinates.

Example Network Portion

To be used in conjunction with ReadTrajectory. Author T. Guild (tguild at bu.edu)

Example Visual Programs


See Also

 ReadTrajectory,  yrdayhr

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