Introductory Material

CISM_DX web page [html]
New to OpenDX? Here is a Hello World exercise: [html].
Here are some exercises that we use in summer schools as an intro to OpenDX (~ 1 hour) [html]
An example of exporting data from OpenDX and then importing it into IDL is given in the advanced example of the [html]
An example of exporting data from IDL and then importing it into OpenDX is given in the Import/Export exercise at [html]


(CISM_DX installation not required)

Starting CISM_DX

Start OpenDX 4.4.0** with CISM_DX extensions [from browser*] [or by executing the script:/usr/local/CISM_DX/cismdx_opendx] Start Octave 2.1.72** with CISM_DX extensions: [by executing the script /usr/local/CISM_DX/cismdx_octave]

Start Matlab with CISM_DX extensions: [start Matlab and type cd /usr/local/CISM_DX/Octave ; ./CISM_DX_startup]

* See browser configuration instructions.
** Distributed with CISM_DX

Supplementary Material

Summer School and Short course Labs that use CISM_DX [html]

Other Utilities in Code Base

Perl-interpreted utility programs [directory listing]
Shell-interpreted scripts for starting programs that CISM_DX uses [directory listing]

Documentation for Included Programs

CXFORM (c library for space physics coordinate transforms) web page [html]
Octave (Matrix analysis with syntax mostly compatible with Matlab) web page [html] Manual [html]
OpenDX (3-D Data eXplorer) web page [html] Manual [html] Introduction [html] Cookbook [html] Tutorials [html] Our introduction ppts [.ppt]
SPDX (Space Physics Data Explorer - modules for OpenDX) [html]
TSDS (Time Series Data Sets - m-files for Octave/Matlab) web page [html]

Lead Developers