OpenDX Intro 5: Using demos

Author: R.S. Weigel
Date: 06/02/2005
Note: Prepared for 2005 NCAR Summer school.

Modified-By: M. Gehmeyr
Date: 10/25/2005
Note: Adjusted weblinks to the demos and included the CISM_DX overview page


OpenDX and the CISM_DX package come with many demos. The OpenDX demos cover basic OpenDX usage while the CISM_DX package contains demos for space physics applications.

To browse the OpenDX demos, choose File, Open Program, and enter in the Filter box: /usr/local/CISM_DX/required_packages/dx/samples/programs/*.net.
You can select and execute any of the networks listed in this directory or any of its subdirectories.

To browse CISM_DX demos, click here .
Alternatively go into the Location filter of your web browser (konqueror), type /usr/local/CISM_DX/OpenDX/examples/cismdx_examples.htm and OK it.

Once you are done with this use the back-key to return to this web page.

Test your knowledge:

To obtain an overview over the whole CISM_DX package browse /usr/local/CISM_DX/docs/index.html.

Now you have concluded the Introduction to OpenDX exercises.
Return to the overview section to begin the CISM_DX labs.