Welcome to the CISM_DX computer labs at the
CISM short course to AFWA.
2-3 November 2005, Omaha, Nebraska.

This afternoon and tomorrow you will work with
a partner on several computer exercises.

You just listened to an overview presentation that informed you about
OpenDX and CISM_DX.
You start now with the Introduction to OpenDX exercises (60 minutes).
Follow the links below in order. If you have extra time
you may proceed to the Advanced OpenDX section.
After a 15 minute break
you will spend the remainder of this afternoon on the first
CISM_DX Lab (60 minutes).

On the second day
you will complete two more CISM_DX Labs (60 minutes each).
After you have completed the lab exercises and have answered the questions
you may proceed to the Advanced CISM_DX Labs.

You may skip text colored Gray if you are short on time.

Introduction to OpenDX

CISM_DX Labs that use OpenDX

Advanced OpenDX Advanced CISM_DX Labs