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Installation Instructions


Latest release: CISM_DX-0.59 [ChangeLog] on 12/20/2007 for

  • GNU/Linux (should work on most distros)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.3
  • WinXP (using VMWarePlayer and LiveCD)

Getting Started

If you are a new user, browse the demos, screenshots and Labs in the CISM_DX code base [.html]. Find a demo that you want to build on, run the code, and integrate your data into the demos.


Project Overview [.pdf] [.htm]
Project Documentation [.pdf] [.html]
Screenshots, documentation, and Labs in CISM_DX code base along with references for programs used by CISM_DX [.html]


CISM_DX is a community-developed suite of integrated data, models, and data and model explorers, for research and education. The data and model explorers are based on code written for OpenDX and Octave.

CISM_DX leverages and integrates many existing software packages. To use it, some study knowledge of OpenDX and/or Octave is involved. However, there are many things you can do without having to be familiar with Octave or OpenDX.


User Mailing List (questions, requests, and bug reports)
Developers Mailing List (To monitor CVS activity)
CISM_DX category of CISM Wiki
Contributors | Contributing

Lead developers:

  • Bob Weigel (rweigel [AT] gmu [DOT] edu):
    Measurement data, empirical and forecast models, Octave code base, installation.
  • Erik Wilson (wilsone [AT] bu [DOT] edu):
    Package and source management.
  • Mike Wiltberger (wiltbemj [AT] ucar [DOT] edu):
    Numerical model datafile readers for OpenDX (SPDX)
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