Summer School Logistics

Who Should Apply

The CISM Summer School is intended for students and others entering the field of space weather. It is particularly appropriate for students about to enter graduate school or at the end of their first year of graduate study. It is also appropriate for scientists and others new to space weather who are transitioning from another discipline or who seek a broader perspective of space weather.


The CISM Summer School will be at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. Housing will be provided in apartment style dorms with single bedrooms at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

How to Apply

To apply for the CISM Summer School please complete the application form (see the link on the navigation menu). The application asks for a brief statement of why you want to attend the Summer School and how attending the Summer School will benefit you in your career. Please also provide the name and contact information of your advisor or supervisor who will be asked to support your application. The deadline for applications is May 1.

Costs and Financial Aid

The cost of providing the summer school is covered by the NSF support to CISM. There are no tuition or registration fees.

Applicants who are full time students at US institutions (or about to become full time graduate students in the Fall) may apply for financial aid to cover costs of travel and living expenses in Boulder. Students attending universities in other countries may apply for financial aid to cover living costs in Boulder, but CISM will not cover international travel costs to Boulder. Participants who are not full-time students (or their employer) are expected to cover travel and living costs. The accommodation costs, including breakfast and lunch, for 13 nights to attend the Summer School will be approximately $1300.

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