Summer School Course Descriptions

SW 101: The Solar-Terrestrial Weather System (Reality)

An overview of the solar-terrestrial system that imparts an intuitive appreciation of its parts and their interconnection.The approach is largely visual with a heavy use of images from spacecraft and computer graphics from numerical models.

Professor Jeffrey Hughes


SW 102: Space Weather Effects and Consequences (Harsh Reality)

Introduction to the many ways in which technological society is vulnerable to space weather effects and the indices used to rank the severity of space weather conditions. The approach uses reviews of accounts of historical events and the problems that they have caused.

Professors Harlan Spence and Terry Onsager


SW 103: Space Weather Models (Virtual Reality)

Introduction to the various types of models used to represent and predict conditions in space and the indices used to rank their severity. The approach is concrete and practical. Representative types of models will be described and demonstrated. Students can use the models in the labs.

Professors John Lyon and Michael Wiltberger


SW 105: Space Weather Laboratory

Hands-on experience with graphics of the solar-terrestrial system and the use and construction of models for space weather forecasting. Over the two week period students will assemble a Sun to Earth predictive model, link by link, testing each link with actual predictions that can be validated the next day.

Professor John Lyon

Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling // 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
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