JASTP Special Issue Online

- Hughes, W. Jeffrey, and Mary K. Hudson. Editorial: Towards an Integrated Model of the Space Weather System. [full-text] [PDF]

- Luhmann, Janet G., Stanley C. Solomon, Jon A. Linker, John G. Lyon, Zoran Mikic, Dusan Odstrcil, Wenbin Wang and Michael Wiltberger. Coupled model simulation of a Sun-to-Earth space weather event. [full-text] [PDF]

- Abbett, W.P., Z. Mikic, J.A. Linker, J.M. McTiernan, T. Magara and G.H. Fisher. The photospheric boundary of Sun-to-Earth coupled models. [full-text] [PDF]

- Li, Yan, Janet Luhmann, George Fisher and Brian Welsch. Observational evidence for velocity convergence toward magnetic neutral lines as a factor in CME initiation. [full-text] [PDF]

- Liu, Yang. Photospheric magnetic field observations during the May 12, 1997 CME and their implications for modeling that event. [full-text] [PDF]

- Arge, C.N., J.G. Luhmann, D. Odstrcil, C.J. Schrijver and Y. Li. Stream structure and coronal sources of the solar wind during the May 12th, 1997 CME. [full-text] [PDF]

- Odstrcil, Dusan, Victor J. Pizzo, Jon A. Linker, Pete Riley, Roberto Lionello and Zoran Mikic. Initial coupling of coronal and heliospheric numerical magnetohydrodynamic codes. [full-text] [PDF]

- Riley, P., J.A. Linker, R. Lionello, Z. Mikic, D. Odstrcil, M.A. Hidalgo, C. Cid, Q. Hu, R.P. Lepping, B.J. Lynch and A. Rees. Fitting flux ropes to a global MHD solution: a comparison of techniques. [full-text] [PDF]

- Lyon, J.G., J.A. Fedder and C.M. Mobarry. The Lyon–Fedder–Mobarry (LFM) global MHD magnetospheric simulation code. [full-text] [PDF]

- Guild, Timothy, Harlan Spence, Larry Kepko, Michael Wiltberger, Charles Goodrich, John Lyon and W. Jeffrey Hughes. Plasma sheet climatology: Geotail observations and LFM model comparisons. [full-text] [PDF]

- Toffoletto, F.R., S. Sazykin, R.W. Spiro, R.A. Wolf and J.G. Lyon. RCM meets LFM: initial results of one-way coupling. [full-text] [PDF]

- Scot R. Elkington, Michael Wiltberger, Anthony A. Chan and Daniel N. Baker. Physical models of the geospace radiation environment. [full-text] [PDF]

- Hudson, M.K., B.T. Kress, J.E. Mazur, K.L. Perry and P.L. Slocum. 3D modeling of shock-induced trapping of solar energetic particles in the Earth's magnetosphere. [full-text] [PDF]

- Vassiliadis, D., R.S. Weigel, D.N. Baker, S.G. Kanekal and A.J. Klimas. Probing the solar wind-inner magnetospheric coupling: validation of relativistic electron flux models. [full-text] [PDF]

- Wiltberger, M., W. Wang, A.G. Burns, S.C. Solomon, J.G. Lyon and C.C. Goodrich. Initial results from the coupled magnetosphere–ionosphere–thermosphere model: magnetospheric and ionospheric responses. [full-text] [PDF]

- Wang, W., M. Wiltberger, A.G. Burns, S.C. Solomon, T.L. Killeen, N. Maruyama and J.G. Lyon. Initial results from the coupled magnetosphere–ionosphere–thermosphere model: thermosphere–ionosphere responses. [full-text] [PDF]

- Lotko, W. Inductive magnetosphere–ionosphere coupling. [full-text] [PDF]

- Burns, A.G., W. Wang, T.L. Killeen and S.C. Solomon. A “tongue” of neutral composition. [full-text] [PDF]

- Goodrich, C.C., A.L. Sussman, J.G. Lyon, M.A. Shay and P.A. Cassak. The CISM code coupling strategy. [full-text] [PDF]

- Siscoe, George, Daniel Baker, Robert Weigel, Jeffrey Hughes and Harlan Spence. Roles of empirical modeling within CISM. [full-text] [PDF]

- Baker, D.N., R.S. Weigel, E.J. Rigler, R.L. McPherron, D. Vassiliadis, C.N. Arge, G.L. Siscoe and H.E. Spence. Sun-to-magnetosphere modeling: CISM forecast model development using linked empirical methods. [full-text] [PDF]

- Spence, Harlan, Daniel Baker, Alan Burns, Timothy Guild, Chia-Lin Huang, George Siscoe and Robert Weigel. Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling metrics plan and initial model validation results. [full-text] [PDF]

- Lopez, R.E. and K. Hamed. Student interpretations of 2-D and 3-D renderings of the substorm current wedge. [full-text] [PDF]

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